Chantal Michelle

Chantal has studied self-development, life coaching, nutrition, energy healing,  spiritual practice and body work and become a successful Therapist and Healer. Through Twisted Oak Studios, she offers healing and massage.

Body Code Healing

Through this simple yet powerful healing method, I connect to your subconscious mind, responsible at 95% for the manifestations in your life, to find and remove imbalances and hidden energy blockages from the body and allow you to experience health and happiness. My success stories include helping with asthma, eczema, PMS, anxiety, phobias, back pain, insomnia, alcoholism, arthritis and relationships issues.

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

This massage technique clears tension and eliminates toxins. It uses heated herbal oils generously rubbed into the muscles, resulting in more flexibility and a feeling of openness. The massage also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. A facial massage is included to work on the nerve endings associated to all organs and this helps clear many blockages.


Contact Chantal for Booking:
Phone: 778 989 4871