Denise McMorris Registered Western Herbalist

A Clinical Herbalist blends modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, which means you get the best of both worlds. Central to the profession is the creation of custom blends, expertly formulated to alleviate symptoms and go to work on a deep level to bring about profound, long term improvement. She has a full and robust dispensary, and as required she formulates personal teas, tinctures, balms, poultices, salves, ointments, creams, sprays, tonics, powders, capsules, pastes, and more. Whenever possible she utilizes plant remedies that grow here and are readily available to all. Much of her own dispensary is grown or wild harvested by herself here on the island.

A Clinical Herbalist can perform the same external physical examinations to recognize the signs and symptoms of disease as your physician, interpret your lab test results, help you understand the function, side effects, interactions, and considerations of any pharmaceutical drugs you may be taking, and work in liaison with other health care professionals.
Your first consultation is spent information gathering, so she gets your complete health picture. Based on this detailed information, you will receive truly holistic recommendations designed to bring about optimal healing. Therapy may include dietary guidance, supplement changes, lifestyle strategies, appropriate referral, and more. Getting to where you want to be may be a process, and she is there as your guide along the way.

Although a skilled general practitioner, she focuses on: digestive issues, and mood and adrenal disturbances. Every bodily system is connected and interdependent, and she believes these two areas are key to true healing.

A healthy digestive tract ensures your organs will function optimally. We think of our bowel as something that processes food, which is very true, but it is so much more than that! There are three important points to know about what happens in the tract that go way beyond breaking food down; the lion’s share of our immune system is in direct contact with it; there is so much nervous tissue associated with the bowel it has been dubbed our ‘second brain’; and more broadly, every organ in the body relies on a healthy gut to provide the nutrients required to function, and screen out what is not wanted. This gives you a small idea of how crucial it is to care for this centrally important system.

Depression and anxiety are two areas of acute concern for people of all ages, and a source of much dysfunction in our society. In her practice herbal remedies have proven to be effective treatment for mood disorders and can be integral to a speedy return to healthy functioning. Five common areas that may be addressed are; digestion, nutrition, nerve support, adrenal and other glandular therapy, and sleep. We are all individuals; there is no one size fits all treatment, so the layers of therapy needed will differ.

Denise is a graduate of Dominion Herbal College Class of 2008. The school was established in 1935 as based on the School of Phytotherapy UK. She is registered with the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of BC and served as a Board Director for several years and is still very active with this. She worked 15 years in the health food and supplement industry. An avid organic gardener, she grows or wild harvests, and processes much of her own dispensary stock, as it gives her direct control over the quality and efficacy of the remedies she creates. She lives on her organic farm in Strawberry Vale with her dog, cat, and about forty spoiled hens.