Dry Herbs

Dry Herbs Details Price per 100 gr
Alfalfa organic 8.35
Anise organic 6.35
Arnica organic 6.31
Artichoke leaf Local NS 8.35
Ashwagandha Pwd O/S 9.75
Astragalus Pwd organic 15.49
Astragalus Cut organic 15.25
Black Walnut Hull Pwd organic 8.35
Blessed Thistle organic 8.35
Blood Root organic 26.18
Borage Local NS 8.35
Buchu organic 30.79
Burdock OS 10.53
Calendula Local NS 14.45
California Poppy Local wild 17.5
Chamomile organic 11.5
Chaparral organic 3.99
Chaste tree berries organic 7.58
Chickweed OS 9.5
Cinnamon chips organic 7.85
Comfrey leaf Local wild 7.55
Comfrey Root Local wild 8.75
Couchgrass Local wild 8.76
Cramp Bark organic 13.45
Dandelion Leaf Wild local 9.75
Dandelion Root Wild local 9.78
Diatomaceous Earth Food grade 5.78
Elderberries Wild local 10.17
Elderflower Organic 12.48
Elecampane Local NS 9.88
Eleuthero Pwd organic 9.88
Fennel seed OS

Fenugreek organic 5.76
Fo-Ti Pwd OS 8.76
Fringe Tree wild 15.78
Ginger cut organic 6.87
Ginkgo organic 6.87
Goldenrod Local wild 8.87
Goldenseal Pwd organic 63.76
Gotu Kola organic 7.89
Gravel Root wild 11.67
Ground Ivy Local wild 6.09
Hawthorn Berries organic 7.84
Hawthorn Leaf + flower organic 7.84
Hibiscus organic 9.56
Holy Basil- Krishna organic 9.65
Hops Local NS 9.88
Horsetail Local wild 5.97
Jamaican Dogwood wild 10.87
Juniper Berries organic 7.76
Kava Kava organic 16.67
Lavender organic 9.77
Lemon Balm Local wild 7.87
Lemon peel organic 9.19
Lemon Verbena Local NS 8.22
Licorice Root Cut organic 6.54
Licorice Rt Pwd organic 8.67
Lucuma Pwd OS

Maca pwd OS

Maca Pwd gelatinized OS

Marshmallow Root Cut organic 7.87
Marshmallow Rt Pwd

organic 11.17
Meadowsweet organic 9.16
Milk Thistle Seed Local wild 7.62
Motherwort Local NS 8.02
Mucuna Pruriens Pwd organic 13.36

Wild local 6.87
Mustard Seed organic 4.78
Myrrh Powder wild 15.76
Oat Straw organic 7.45
Olive Leaf Local NS 6.15
Orange peel Organic 7.46
Oregano Local NS 6.5
Oregon Graperoot OS 7.67
Osha wild

Parsley organic 9.75
Passionflower organic 20.78
Pau d’Arco wild 5.65
Peppermint Organic OS

Pine Pollen wild 35.75
Plantain Wild local 10.75
Poke Root organic 10.75
Raspberry leaf OS organic

Red Clover blossoms Local wild 12.75
Rhodiola Rt cut organic 19.75
Rose Buds Local wild

Rose Hips whole Local wild

Rosemary Local NS 3.5
Sage Local NS OS

Schisandra Berry Pwd organic 15.75
Scullcap Organic

Self Heal OS 9.5
Senna leaf OS

Shatavari powder OS

Shepherd’s Purse OS

Slippery Elm Pwd organic 15.5
Spearmint Local NS 8.75
St John’s Wort herb + flower Local NS 12.5
Stinging Nettle Local wild 8.75
Stinging Nettle Root OS

Thyme OS

Turmeric OS

Uva Ursi organic 11.95
Valerian Local NS 18.85
Vervain Local NS 5.85
Wild Cherry Bark organic 9.85
Willow Bark OS

Wormwood Fresh local NS 9.85
Yarrow Local wild 9.95
Yellow Dock Local wild 7.1
Yucca root OS

Zeolite Food grade 23.75

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