Hypnotherapy Group Sessions

Weight Loss

Do you want to reconnect with your body again? You may remember how joyful you felt in your body as a child, notice how children jump, run, and dance spontaneously! Learn to love, honour, and respect it, and treat it the way it deserves, the way you deserve.

If you are like most people, you already know WHAT you need to do, and WHY, but struggle with maintaining new habits. The emotional component. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you make permanent changes to your daily habits.

This six session class combines several aspects of moving towards a healthier, happier you. There are always layers to making changes, and this package addresses many of the blocks people experience when choosing to improve their health. Because your SC is much bigger and stronger than your conscious mind, it is no wonder many struggle to maintain new habits. Real change is brought about by connecting with your SC on a deep level; permanent change is made much easier.

For $135 you get 5 hypnosis sessions with Denise at Stillwater Healing Centre. This is a savings of $465 as compared to individual sessions. In this safe, respectful, warm and comfortable small group setting , you will have your own cozy zero gravity chair to relax in, and all the blankets and pillows you want. Treat yourself to this wonderful, life changing experience.

Each session is designed to address different elements of honouring your body, including exercise, healthy eating, habit shifting, cravings, late night eating, reconnecting with your body and hearing what it is telling you. I introduce a sense of mindfulness in regards to your body, so that you notice, for instance, when you are authentically hungry, and when it is perhaps, an emotional hunger that can be met in different, healthier ways.

The last session combines the tools and suggestions from all the sessions into one solid reinforcement. You will be provided a recording of this session to use as often as you wish on your own to keep you on track.

Denise is both a Hypnotherapist and Medical Herbalist. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to benefit from Denise’s nutritional and herbal knowledge, and effective intervention of Hypnotherapy.

This is a package with power!