Hilary Porter

Hilary Hraefn Porter is an Integrative Healer. She connects into and creates transformations through her many skillsets as Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Integrative Bodyworker, Spiritual Intuitive, Crystal Healer, Ascension Guide and Artist. She offers support for a wide variety of physical conditions, such as insomnia, digestive discomforts, and thyroid irregularities, and has an especial focus in working with those who are experiencing awakening in this moment, for those being guided into alignment with their Soul Essence.

She offers guidance to those who are reconnecting to those parts within themselves that have fallen asleep; those who wish to release, shift, heal all that is holding them back so they can live a vibrantly connected and joyfully embodied life as they actualize their Authentic Path. It is for those who are called to spirituality and are searching for what feels right for them.

While holding safe space, she meets you where you are at, in this moment, drawing from diverse and complimentary Western, Eastern, and Esoteric modalities to support and guide you as you peel back the layers of your expression to live joyfully embodied and aligned with your Authentic Self.

Some modalities are more dynamic, empowering you to engage and interact more deeply with your own wisdom, tapping into your own transformative processes, while others are more receptive and passive, with the intention of gently nudging and allowing the work to happen on more subtle levels. Such modalities that may be drawn from include acupressure, acupuncture, Tui Na massage, Herbalism, Crystal healing, ritual work, Shi Liao Food therapy, journaling, guided meditation, and, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Since childhood, Hilary has been able to see things, feel things, know things –  this natural inclination towards the healing arts deepened, solidified, through formal means, such as at Pacific Rim College where she received her Dual Diploma of Phytotherapy and Acupuncture, and from her own seeking out of experiences in which to dive fully into the realms of Spirit, including to studying under a mentor within the Blackheart Feri tradition.

 When Hilary is not guiding people on their healing journeys, you can find her creating – things to be eaten, to be gazed upon, to be worn;  amongst the trees and moss, dipping into a body of fresh water; singing her heart open at Kirtan, and having random ecstatic dance breaks while laughing alongside her sparkling unicorn of a kidlet.