Julie Burk

ShiroBLISS Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage includes the use of specially selected aromatherapy oils and provides a holistic and healing experience that is both therapeutic and pleasurable. It induces a deep state of relaxation, reduces stress and tension in the body and mind, and revitalizes the spirit.

The massage is done with the client sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on a massage table. This heavenly treatment relieves many common complaints and provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It provides relief from upper body tension and muscle tightness, headaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and reduced range of motion. It helps to calm the nervous system, boost the immune system, and improve scalp health. It induces overall deep relaxation, improves mental clarity and leaves you feeling grounded and simply blissful.

Julie is a health and wellness practitioner with a unique blend of skills in Eastern and Western health and healing practices and Western nutrition therapy. Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge and practice of traditional Western diet therapy to include her deep interest in alternative health and wellness modalities, with a focus on Ayurveda and Reiki. She offers
Ayurvedic lifestyle education and coaching to people of all ages in various settings, such as client homes, private clinics, and a local community centre.

Julie is honoured to be offering these beautiful treatments and looks forward to bestowing them on anyone who wishes to have a unique healthful and heavenly experience. She believes health and wellness must include the attention to all dimensions of our being. And thanks to the wisdom of Ayurveda and ancient Eastern health traditions for allowing us to access a tremendous cornucopia of experiences and disciplines to help us achieve and maintain total well being in body, mind, & spirit.

More information can be found at ShiroBLISS Head Massage