Krysty McIntyre

Krysty McIntyre offers Reiki and healing touch in combination to help clients release negativity and energy blockages. Through relaxing touch and energy work, clients become more capable of healing themselves naturally.

Krysty’s healing journey began in Winnipeg, Manitoba and carried on through to Stettler, Alberta, finally coming to rest on beautiful Vancouver Island. She has taught prenatal and parenting classes, belly dance for beginners, seniors and youth, and participated in many community councils and tenant associations. She spent a few years in the Heartland doing volunteer work with an animal rescue league, and furthered her studies in mental health counseling and life coaching. She is a mother of five wonderful children, a student of adventure shamanism, and is eagerly learning how to use Earth’s crystals and essential oils to help people heal.

Krysty is a Master level healer in Usui Reiki as well as Karuna Reiki. She has learned healing drumming, pendulum use for chakra clearing, and aura/energy work in order to help clients deal with energy blockages. She now adds healing massage to her list of caregiver skills, combining loving intent with genuine massage. Using techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and myofascial release, she helps clients open up their own energy lines and allow their bodies to heal themselves! Through use of careful muscle movements and relaxation techniques, clients can rest and receive true loving healing inside and out. Krysty also offers a Reiki-infused healing attunement or ‘aura cleansing’, ideal for people who are expecting a day full of important meetings, have had dealings with negative people, or who just feel yucky and drained and need an energy hug!

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