Sonja Yli-Kahila

Sonja Yli-Kahila is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. She works with individuals to transform their health so that they can live their best health, and not be held back from living the life they want because of their health, confidence, or body image. Sonja has a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition, is certified as a Health Coach, and has certification from Precision Nutrition, that provides training in optimal nutrition for those engaged in athletic pursuits (of any kind).

Sonja starts with uncovering what has been keeping your from the health and body you want, and developing an individualized plan that enables you to reach and maintain the health you want for the long-term. She creates a specific plan based on your health desires, your current circumstances, lifestyle, background, and preferences. Her approach is to get to the root cause of your health concern, so that we are not only treating the symptoms, but providing a solution that resolves the issues for the long-term.

Being holistic, it means that Sonja considers how your mental, emotional, and physical health all interact to create your overall well-being, so that you can experience vibrant health inside and out. Holistic Nutrition supports the body to come back into balance and alignment. This includes a strong focus on optimizing nutrition for your specific health concern, but it also considers how stress, sleep, physical activity, social and familial support, and mental and emotional well-being influence your health.

In her practice, Sonja creates an open, safe space that is filled with warmth and understanding, where you are encouraged to engage with a curious mind and compassion for yourself. All of her sessions are 60 minutes in length to enable you to delve deep into how to break through barriers and challenges that present themselves on your healing journey, and to provide the space to provide the support and accountability you need to successfully heal your health condition.

Sonja helps you to transform patterns that have kept you from experiencing the health you want in a way that rewires the way your brain works, so that you can be different and solidify new healthy habits without having to think about how to act differently.

Sonja’s passion for holistic nutrition began in her 20s, after using nutrition and lifestyle approaches to heal the serious acne that she had been dealing with for years. She realized that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, when it is supported under the right conditions. Sonja’s health journey has also involved overcoming Candida and various digestive disturbances.

Sonja supports individuals with various health conditions, and she specializes in digestive health, and how the health of our digestive system impacts our immune health, skin conditions (eg: acne, eczema, rosacea), mental health (anxiety, depression), emotional health, and our weight loss.

Sonja wants you to feel energized, be free from pain and discomfort, feel comfortable in public places, and live passionately – making the impact you were intended to make in this world. She is a passionate advocate for you and your health, so that you can live the life you want in the way you want!

Sonja is a mother of two young girls who keep her on the run, and who occasionally release her to run & bike the trails and streets of Victoria. Sonja loves cooking, baking, and experimenting with food, and can be found trying out and creating new recipes, practicing gluten free baking, and fermentation.